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Our innovative method


Can we learn English just by being around foreign people? No way! To learn English effectively, you need quality teachers and a dynamic learning system.

At Chimneys English School, we provide an English immersion experience where we not only learn English, but we learn in English. We use our own innovative teaching method. We are continuously developing new and original teaching materials. Also, with our unique, English environment and learning system, you can see the results.



Teaching Professionals


We are very selective of our teachers. Our professional English teaching staff are chosen for their great personalities, their teaching skills and experience, their enthusiasm for education, and most importantly for their love of children!

Our instructors teach "living" English. We make learning fun and natural with lessons and activities appropriate for our students’ age and interests. We adapt our classes and activities wherever possible to accommodate the varied learning styles of our students and instill our students with the confidence and sense of self-worth needed to grow and succeed in today’s globalized world.

Additionally, each class has 3 class teachers; 2 English class teachers as well as a licensed English speaking Japanese teacher that work as a team, allowing us to implement our unique learning method.  

The Best Teaching Balance for the Best Learning Experience


With three teachers in each classroom, we are able to focus more on individual students and provide better and more appropriate care and attention for each learner. Activities are better demonstrated, and focus can be given to smaller groups or individuals when it fits the students’ levels and needs. To best suit the learning environment for each activity, class sizes are often split between the teachers for the best quality learning experience. Additionally, we regularly conduct small group communication classes of two to four students at a time with the purpose of providing our students with greater confidence and more opportunities to use their voice and express themselves.

Original Teaching Materials and Motivation


We have created original learning materials to help our students improve their reading, grammar use, and to build their English vocabulary.

We not only regularly test these skills within our system, but we also host the Eiken Jr tests, a popular motivational tool for many of our students. We also provide support for and host the Eiken test for our older and graduated students. It is not uncommon for some of our graduating class to attempt and pass the 3rd grade of the Eiken test. A few preschool students have even challenged the pre-2nd grade.

Making Learning Fun


‘Let’s have fun!!’ is a phrase you often hear in our learning environment where language comes alive and becomes more meaningful by experiencing what we learn. You can hear the fun sounding out of every classroom.

Our varied, international staff help to expose our students to many different cultures and provides for many cross cultural sharing and learning opportunities.  Our students’ multicultural experience gives them a more open, accepting view of our world.



Great Learning Starts with Great Teachers


Children model themselves on the people around them. Our teachers not only model great language and communication skills, but take the time and effort to really get to know their students and care for them. By learning, laughing and crying together, they build a bond of trust and learn to build real, meaningful relationships. That is where you can find the true heart of Chimneys.

Individual Support


A diverse and comprehensive approach to language learning. We focus on all four of the main language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing in a progressive and natural way. These skills are connected and to learn them effectively they need to be balanced and learnt in the right order. Every term, our teachers conduct individual assessments of our students and share information about each child’s progress with parents through report cards.

Assessments are followed up with appropriate support throughout the day in the classroom, or with one on one time, and even during outside play time.

A positive learning experience where self-expression is encouraged and supported.

Support at Home


For best results, it is important to have support and encouragement at home as well as at school. Therefore we strongly encourage parental involvement in your child’s development and are continuously working to find ways to support our families.

English letter


Every month our teachers send home an English letter in which we provide information about what your child is learning as well as hints or activities that you can use at home. 

Monthly English songs


Every month we select several songs and nursery rhymes used to teach the children at school. We make these songs and lyrics accessible to our families as well.



On most weekends, children take home homework to do together with their family and allow our parents to check their children’s progress and get involved with the learning process. 

Monthly Recommended Picture Book


Every month, we introduce books that we read in class.

Everyday English Phrases


With our parents, we have developed a list of English phrases that you can use with your child at home. 

Family English


We hold information meetings for our families to develop the relationship between school and home. 

Mother’s English Café


We regularly host events for our parents, including and English Café where parents can learn about different aspects of learning English as well as share ideas and connect with other parents.



Putting Learning into Practice


As part of our learning in  our English immersion environment  at Chimney’s English School we are fortunate to have a large playground and garden area where children not only play, but have an opportunity to use the language that they have learnt in the classroom and apply it to real-life situations.

We further encourage children to apply themselves in other ways. For example, we regularly have some students who qualify for and sometimes place in a national speech contest in Kyoto. 



Most days, we conduct a focused play time where students choose what kind of activity they would like to do, called Cornerplay. This is a time when students learn by playing and can reinforce the language learnt in the classroom. The teachers not only guide and supervise the play, but provide English support and focus outside of lesson time. Weather permitting this takes place in our large outdoor playground and garden.

School Events


Our multicultural environment is enhanced by the many cultural sharing and international focused events that we hold.  From chances to experience Japanese culture in English, such as rice cake making and the star festival, to celebrating foreign festivals like Halloween and Christmas.



As part of our reading readiness program, we introduce students to the rules of phonics during English lessons. This helps them to decode written language and make reading an easier skill to master. Each class has their own objectives, and by the time they graduate, our students have been introduced to the skills needed to start reading on their own.

Original Materials, Reading Check Sheet


Once students have mastered some of the basic reading skills and have started to show an interest in letters, we start them on a special early reading program. These reading check sheets use a combination of phonics rules and sight reading practice to boost reading levels. These materials have proved effective for helping our students to prepare for both the Eiken Jr and Eiken English proficiency tests. By applying the phonics rules that they’ve learned, they are better able to read the questions, to build vocabulary, and to boost grammar ability. This in turn helps them to pass the examination.  

Story Reading


Regularly throughout the week, each class conducts a story reading time. Younger students become familiar with stories and books, while older learners develop their own reading skills and progress at their own pace. After becoming familiar with the stories, students then take the books home to share with their families.

While learning basic phonics rules, we introduce our students to appropriate level picture books and encourage them to progress in their ability at their own pace.

Christmas Presentation


English play and singing performance.

One of the greatest growing experiences, for language and otherwise, for our students each year is the annual Christmas presentation. Each class performs a stage play in English and sings a song or two on stage for family and friends. The students not only grow by learning their own role, but also by having to work together with their friends and teachers to complete the production. 

Speech Contest


Each year we encourage and coach several of our students to participate in a national English Speech contest. We regularly have several students a year who qualify and even place in their categories.



We provide support and advice for our families challenging these tests. As well, we act as a test site for our students and graduates who want to take these tests to further motivate their English learning.

Other Events


  • International festival: Every year each class chooses a different country to learn about and shares that countries culture with their parents and other classes during our international festival.

  • Cultural parties: Among others, we often hold events for Halloween, the star festival, rice cake making, sports day, family picnics, etc.

  • Fieldtrips: With field trips to places like the zoo and aquarium, or exploring a workplace environment like a fire station or bakery, we provide our students a well-rounded learning experience. 

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チムニーズの英語講師は人柄、資質、熱心さ、経験 そして何よりも子どもが大好きなこと!を基準に選ばれています。講師たちは子どもたちの興味のある題材を取り上げ、「生きた英語」を教えています。また各クラス2名の外国人講師が担任に付きグループプロジェクトを進めて学習していきます。







幼児が英語を学習するためのチムニーズオリジナル教材を使用しReading, Grammar, Vocabularyの力を養い、英検、児童英検にチャレンジしていきます。中には準2級合格を果たし卒園する園児さんもいらっしゃいます。多くの子が3級に合格しています。



‘Let's have fun!!’を合言葉に自然豊かな環境をフルに満喫しながら体験を通した生きた英語を習得していきます。語学は生きるための道具!教室から跳び出して楽しく学びましょう。



ABSORB 吸収しよう




語学力を磨くにはReading, Speaking, Hearing, Writingの4つのスキルが必要です。子ども達にはタームごとの学習チェックシートをご家庭にお渡しし、個人の習得別学習のサポートを致します。また、個人の習熟度を評価表にてお知らせしています。それに加え、英語での外遊びや個人レッスンを保育後にご希望の方は行っております。延長保育をお申込みのお子様にも特別英語クラスを行っております。





毎月発行 家庭での英語取り組みのヒント等を提供いたします。





























APPLY 応用しよう




















年に一度英語劇を行います。 英語での表現スキルやコミュニケーション力を養います。















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